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Girl pass through pussy exam

This babe comes to gyno clinic to pass through regular gyno pussy exam. She even has no idea why her female gyno doc dressed in army uniform. First of this entire strange gynecologist force her patient to stand doggy-style and start to examine her tight ass with her fingers. After this humiliating procedure she starts pussy exam with speculum insertion. It was really painful. This hot babe wants to forget this gyno examination as soon as possible.

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pussy exam

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Mean Army Nurse Examines a Tight Pussy at the Clinic

There are physicals and then there are nasty pussy exam related physicals. In this set of gyno clinic video clips we find the nasty part of the exams. This rough army nurse hates giving pussy exams so she takes it out on her sweet tender patients. Today was really hard on her blond patient. She strips her naked fast and has her hold her arms out so she can test her flexibility and some other vital signs. When she is done she has her try doing some push-ups on the exam table before flipping her over for her pussy exam. She shoves that speculum in deep and fast causing this blond to squeak a little.

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pussy exampussy exam

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Two Nasty Nurses Playing After a Pussy Exam

After these two nasty nurses spent the day looking at beaver, they become horny. They slip into an unused exam room and begin to help each other get naked. They touch, finger, and fondle each other as they strip off those clothes.
The horny brunette is more aggressive then her blond counterpart, and spreads her pussy wide to finger it with a gloved hand pretending that she is giving her a pussy examination. That nasty blond nurse loves how her brunette nursing friend touches her pussy. Her clit gets hard and throbs at the thought of a cold metal speculum spreading it wide in a real gyno exam.

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Blond Flunks Her Pelvic Examination

It wasn’t her sweet pink pussy that flunked her out of the army it was her attitude. When she arrived for her medical physical she already had a chip on her shoulder and her attire told the nurse everything she needed to know about this new recruit. That really infuriated this lifetime army nurse so she threw the book at her, and handled her roughly during her gyno speculum examination. That demure babe cried out a few times as this mean and dirty nurse abused her pussy hole with her speculum. After watching this gyno clinic video you’ll know exactly how mean the nurses in the army are!

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Naughty Nurse Plays with her Wet Trimmed Pussy

What happens when a horny nurse gives pussy exams all day? Well if you are this hot blond you become horny and ready for some pussy play yourself. In this set of crystal clear pussy exam videos this blond strips to her thigh-high stockings and spreads her legs wide so she can play with her wet pink pussy.
This blond slut is even talented enough to use a medical speculum on her own pussy and make that tight pink hole stretch out wide as she moans and explodes her pussy juice all over her hands. If that isn’t talent, then I don’t know what is.

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Horny Doctor Sin Examines a Brunette’s Pussy

The doctor is always in when beautiful women drop in to see him. One look at this sultry babe and he knew he had to get heron his exam table and check out her pussy. Once this horny minx was stripped down to her thigh-high stockings she hopped up on the table and spread her legs ready to feel him probing her pussy with his hands and speculum for this gyno examination.
The doctor was amazed when she sat back and peeled her pussy lips wide open for him. His cock was bulging by the time he had slipped in that plastic gyno speculum and had a look inside her pink pussy. The gyno examination video that was taken as he checks out this pussy is amazing, and you won’t believe your eyes.

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Bizarre pussy exam

That is what this lovely brunette is thinking once she hits the office of her weird new doctor. Her old doc retired and someone recommended this new one. She is totally freaked out by his appearance and his performance during her pussy exam. He wanted to start her physical with a rectal temperature reading, but she told him no way. He then proceeds to exam her body and give her a gyno exam that has her seeing stars and cussing him out. Watch this gyno clinic exam video and watch as he drives this brunette to the brink of insanity before allowing her to leave.

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Sinking the Pink with a Nasty Pussy Exam

This doctor always sinks the pink after a well prepared pussy exam. He knows just how to explore a pussy and insert that speculum so that his patients are wet and ready to go. This brunette didn’t even mind having a camera in the exam room.
The doctor lies her down and as you can see in these pussy exam video clips enjoys checking out her amazing pink pussy. He slips in that speculum and she spreads her legs even wider so that he can look deep inside. She loves how he rubbed her clit and made her cum as he played with her spread pussy. She didn’t even want him to stop by the time he was through!

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Hot Teen Spreads Legs for a Pussy Exam

This amazing set of videos features a teen pussy exam that really gets in close and shows you the pink of this teen pussy. This hot little teen is a weirdo, she loves having her pussy explored by doctors and nurses and loves having her yearly pussy exam.
She went right in when she was called, got naked and spread her legs in preparation for her pussy exam. She wasn’t ready to have her tight little ass spread as well. This is a wild set of gyno examination videos that feature a double penetration exam of a hot teen pussy.

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Weird Physical Exam including a Rectal Temperature Measurement

Imagine the surprise that this athletic blond suffers as she walks into the doctor’s office for her first physical exam for a job. She hasn’t been in the work force very long, so when she was asked to have a physical before starting work she was shocked. She was even more shocked when she was told to strip naked and lie on the exam table with her ass up. He filled her tight ass with a rectal thermoter. She is ashamed and embarrassed as her rectal temperature is measured. What other wild crap will this supposed doctor do to this cute blond babe?

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